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Why You? Making Money with # 1online retailer ...

What do you want out of life? There are as many different reasons to be in this business as there are Quixtar® Independent Business Owners. A Quixtar business can help with those tuition bills. It can help reshape your work week. It can help you build a future for your family. It's your life, and Quixtar can help you build your own business - the way you want it.

You wouldn't consider your very own business unless it rewarded you for your time and effort. Put simply, the Quixtar® IBO Compensation Plan rewards you for selling products and for sponsoring others as IBOs who will do the same.

You earn income from:

  • Retail mark up* on product sales to customers
  • Monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 25% of business volume depending on your monthly productivity
  • Monthly and annual leadership bonuses and other cash awards and business incentives based on group performance.

Simple Steps to Success
IBOs who grow the most successful businesses sell to non-IBO customers and sponsor, while experiencing the products by purchasing them for their own use.

Step 1: Learn. The only way to truly understand your products is to use them. Knowing what our products can do for you is important when presenting them as solutions for your customers. You'll also want to fully understand the compensation plan and Quixtar's business rules. Check out Quixtar University to see other training options we provide.

Step 2: Sell. As your product knowledge increases, you will discover people all around you who need what you have through your Quixtar business. Retail selling is the easiest way to make quick money through your Quixtar business.

Step 3: Sponsor. For some of your friends, products provide the solution they seek. For others, the Quixtar business opportunity will have strong appeal as they seek a business that can help them achieve their goals. When you sponsor them, you can be rewarded for the business volume they generate.

*Retail margins on health, beauty, and home care products average about 29% when these products are sold at suggested retail price. You have the freedom to determine independently the prices at which you sell products to customers, so you decide your retail margins.

The Quixtar opportunity is unlimited, but individual results vary. In 2006, IBOs earned more than US$370 million in bonuses and incentives on US$1.12 billion in sales.


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