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“Let’s Raise Money”, by Jack Atwell
reveals nearly two decades worth of nuts and bolts fundraising wisdom.

It’s packed full of proven fundraising techniques that
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“Let’s Raise Money” is for the veteran and the novice alike. You will no longer be “on your own”. This book has the answers you need to assure your
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Fundraising is one of the most rewarding activities you can become involved in, but it is also extremely stressful! In today's economy, fundraising is probably more in demand than ever -- and there are a lot of people depending on the money your organization raises.

That's why you have to do your homework and discover the best fundraising opportunities based on the goals and objectives of your group. Here's just some of the possible reasons you may need to fundraise.

Your school sports team needs to buy uniforms.

Your Daycare Center needs safe playground equipment.

Your Cheerleading Squad needs money to pay for a trip to Nationals.

Your Church group needs more resources to reach out to the community.

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